Helpful Tips

Best Experience Tips

  • Work with someone new
  • Take notes
  • Consider your surroundings
  • Watch our instructors teach in a big circle (don’t be too close to the instructor.  Others can’t see)
  • Keep the energy up! 
  • Rest up before you come!  Maybe take a nap at lunch.  Perhaps caffeinate!  
  • Seek out community - Try to make at least one new friend each day!
  • Be all in! - Enjoy the experience!  Take it all in!

Items to bring to camp

Gear Recommendations

  • 4+ Rashguards/Spats
  • 2+ Gis
  • 4+ Sports Bras/Clean underwear
  • Mouthpiece

Keep it together

  • Braces
  • Tape
  • KT Tape
  • Ibuprofen
  • Tigerbalm, DeepBlue, or CBD Salve

Personal Care

  • Hair ties
  • Defense Wipes
  • Tampons/Pads/Cups

Don’t forget!

  • Notebook – You should take notes!
  • Pen – You’ll need this for note taking!
  • Recognizable Water Bottle
  • FlipFlops – please wear shoes any time you are off the mat
  • Shampoo/ConditionerSoap

I’d also recommend

  • Snacks – we are not allowed to sell or give you snacks or water that is not through the hotel.
  • Water 
  • Caffeine