Next Gen - Ages 8-14

Specialized Track

In 2020 we started our Next Gen track for young Roll Models with programming specifically designed for ages 8-14! We had 24 Next Gen Roll Models in attendance and they all loved it! Multiple young ladies asked if we could make camp a week long and didn’t want to leave!

Our first 6 camps had a few Next Gen girls attend every year, typically attending with their moms. Camp can be a little overwhelming for our Next Gens, but the environment is such a positive one that we wanted to be able to include them more and to tailor training specifically to them!

Now our Next Gens have their own separate training space with their own programming and will be permitted to join the women at various times throughout camp. We wanted to give them time to play and have fun, as well as learn jiu jitsu and bond with other girls their age.

We want our Next Gen girls to see and be a part of the amazing women’s grappling community. Some of them may be the only girl in their BJJ class and we want them to see how many other girls share their passion.